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Wizard of Oz, Young Performers' Edition, is presented through special arrangement with Tams-Witmark.  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by them. tamswitmark.com



Jessica B (Glinda) is in 9th grade at Mars High School. Some of her favorite roles include Mitzi in CRAZY FOR YOU and Debbie in BILLY ELLIOT. THE WIZARD OF OZ will be her seventh KSMT musical, and she is very excited to be portraying Glinda!

Katie B (Toto) is nine years old and excited for her fifth KSMT show!  She has trained with Keystone since summer of 2014 and performed in WE ARE MONSTERS (Vanny), ProShow BILLY ELLIOT (Susan Parks), Comtra’s ANNIE (orphan) and more.  Katie loves to perform with KSMT and is excited for WIZARD OF OZ!

Tanner B (Tin Man) is a seventh grade student in the SVSD.  Tanner's favorite roles include Mr. Bucket in KSMT's production of WILLY WONKA JR. and Bele Zangler in KSMT's production of CRAZY FOR YOU Young @ Part Edition.  Tanner would like to thank his family and his KSMT instructors for always supporting him. 

Katelyn B (Ensemble) is in eighth grade at St. Gregory School. She has done nine other KSMT musicals including WILLY WONKA JR. (Violet Beauregarde) and ROCK OF AGES (Hilda Klineman). Katelyn recently performed in LES MISERABLES at the Comtra Theater. She thanks her family and friends for always believing in her.

Nathan Ca (Ensemble) is 10 years old. He has been seen onstage in KSMT’s SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE! (soloist), SVMS’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Village Kid) and various elementary programs.  He is thrilled to join THE WIZARD OF OZ cast and perform with his KSMT family!

Nathan Co (Ensemble) lives in Hampton with his parents and dog, Lexi. Nathan is training towards his third degree black belt and enjoys playing basketball. He’s excited to be in his eighth musical with KSMT and wants to thank everyone who supports him.  He’s looking forward to the beach and turning eleven.

Gabriella C (Ensemble) (7th grade at NA) has been in 14 musicals. Gabriella is thrilled to be appearing in her 6th KSMT production in the last two years! Some of her favorite roles include, WILLY WONKA(Veruca Salt), THE MUSIC MAN (Amaryllis), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Silly Girl/Wolf), and ROCK OF AGES (Waitress).

Grace D (Ensemble) is in 9th grade at Portersville Christian School.
She has been in many musicals with Keystone, her last being ROCK OF AGES (Justice). She is so excited to be in Wizard of Oz, and is so thankful for being able to work with an awesome cast and directors!

Paige D (Ensemble) is very excited to be in the Wizard Of Oz! Paige has been in 6 shows with KSMT and is so happy to be part of the KSMT family. She performed as Molly in Annie at Mars Area School. She enjoys volleyball, piano and being with family.

Charlotte G (Ensemble) is 9 years old.  She lives in Wexford with her family.  She loves Total Broadway Foundations has performed in Beauty and the Beast (Summer 2017) and the KSMT Winter Showcase (2018). Charlotte also enjoys doing arts & crafts, singing and playing the piano.  

Bailee H (Ensemble) is in 5th grade at Haine Middle School.  She has performed in SHREK, JR., WE ARE MONSTERS, MUSIC MAN, and SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK,JR. at KSMT.  She loves being on stage, and truly enjoys being part of the KSMT family!

Avery H (Ensemble) is in first grade at Mars Primary Center. She participates in KSMT's Total Broadway Foundations class and is a member of the St. Kilian Parish Children's Choir. She is excited to be in her first show with KSMT!

Robert H (Cowardly Lion) After performing in ROCK OF AGES, Robert is excited to be back working on WIZARD OF OZ with the incredibly talented artists training at KSMT. Some of Robert's favorite credits include: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, LITTLE WOMEN, JOSEPH, and NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE.

Abigail H (Ensemble, Dance Captain) has studied dance for ten years and musical theater for four years. Abigail is thrilled to join the cast of WIZARD of OZ this spring after also performing in CRAZY FOR YOU and ROCK OF AGES. This is her six musical with KSMT! She thanks her awesome instructors!

Rachel H (Glinda) has been in musical theatre for 8 years with Sing Hosanna, Act One and KSMT.  Her favorite roles have included Peter Pan in SHREK! and Jovie in ELF JR.  Rachel would like to thank all of her instructors and friends at KSMT, her family and God.

Sam H (Cowardly Lion) is an aspiring Broadway performer. He's currently participating in his sixth KSMT musical, playing the role of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. His favorite musical is currently In The Heights. He enjoys every moment he spends at KSMT and calls it his second home!

Molly J (Ensemble) is in fifth grade at Haine Middle School and this is her fourth musical with KSMT.  Molly has performed in PETER PAN, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, and CRAZY FOR YOU.  Molly is also a competitive cheerleader.  Molly loves her KSMT family and thanks her teachers for all their guidance. 

Leah K (Ensemble) is in third grade and has been training with KSMT since 2015. She is thrilled to be performing in her seventh musical! Some of her favorite performances include BILLY ELLIOT (Sharon/Ballet Girl), WILLY WONKA, JR. (Super Oompa) and THE MUSIC MAN, KIDS (Amaryllis). She wishes to thank her teachers and her family for their support.

Rebecca K (Ensemble) is 10 years old and is in 4th Grade. She has been onstage in WILLY WONKA and SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK JR. She also likes playing basketball, the clarinet and loves to dance. She has been doing competitive dance since she was 5. She loves KSMT. 

Mia M (Witch) is excited to be going green for The Wizard of Oz. Her most recent role was Mrs. Gloop in Mars High’s production of Willy Wonka. Out of the studio, you can find her brewing tea- not witch’s brew- or spending time with her friends and family. 

Abby M (Ensemble) is in second grade at Rowan Elementary.  She has been seen onstage in SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK (Statue of Liberty, John Adams, "But", Venus), WILLY WONKA JR (Oompa Loompa) and THE MUSIC MAN (Irma Paine). Her favorites are singing and Girl Scouts.  She loves her KSMT family!

Sarah M (Dorothy) is so excited to be a part of this exceptional production! Sarah would like to thank her family, friends, and instructors for their endless support, and the opportunity to share one of her favorite roles with the world!!

Blaise M (Scarecrow) is currently a freshman in high school and he can’t wait to perform in THE WIZARD OF OZ (Scarecrow).  This past summer, he performed in his first professional show BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL (Billy Elliot).  Blaise would like to thank his family, friends, and instructors for all their support.   

Eli P (Scarecrow) has loved preforming for over 4 year now, and shows no signs of stopping. He has been seen in previous KSMT productions such as ELF JR. (Michael) and CRAZY FOR YOU (Eugene). Eli can't wait to hit the stage again as Scarecrow in WIZARD OF OZ!

Nora P (Ensemble) is 8 years old and is in her second musical with KSMT.  She performed in SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK JR. LIVE! (Bandit, Napoleon, Football Player, & Ensemble).  She loves the outdoors and her favorite color is white! 

Adelynn R (Ensemble) is nine years old and this is her fifth musical.  She has been seen in SHREK, WE ARE MONSTERS, PIANO MAN and SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK.  Along with acting, Adelynn enjoys playing soccer with her travel team, attending gymnastics class, baking and being with her friends and family. 

Morgan R (Ensemble) is very excited to be travelling over the rainbow with KSMT.  She is a 4th grader at Haine Elementary.  Some of her previous appearances include ANNIE (Molly), CHILLER THEATRE, MUSIC MAN KIDS (Mrs. Paroo), SEUSSICAL JR (JoJo) and PETER PAN JR (TinkerBell).  Thanks to my parents and instructors!

Matthew R (Ensemble) is 8 years old and attends St. Kilian Parish School. He has been seen onstage in SHREK (little Shrek/Ensemble) and WILLY WONKA (Grandpa George/Ensemble) and SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK. WIZARD OF OZ is his fourth production with KSMT and he is excited to part of the show!

Markie R (Ensemble) is 11 years old and musical theater is her true passion! Her favorite credits include WILLY WONKA, (Charlie), JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (Aunt Sponge), and SEUSSICAL (Wickersham Monkey). She is proud to be a KSMT Ninja and is excited to be part of THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Addison S (Ensemble) is 11 years old, while she's been seen in several dance recitals this will be her first theater performance!  She enjoys reading, traveling, skiing & creating movies on her iPad.  She loves KSMT and looks forward to performing!

Finley S (Ensemble) is 7 years old. She’s been with KSMT for over a year and loving every minute of it. She has been seen in WILLY WONKA (Oompa Loompa) and SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK (ensemble, Sacajawea) and is so thrilled to add more experience to her resume. She loves all things music. 

Savannah S (Ensemble) is excited to be a part of WIZARD OF OZ. This will be her 8th production with KSMT Academy! Thanks so much to her family for the many hours of rides and to her brothers for all of their support!

Brynne S (Dorothy) is thrilled to be in her sixth KSMT show!  She would like to thank her instructors for their constant guidance and knowledge, but above all she would like to thank her parents. Their constant love and support keep her working hard! She hopes to make them proud!

Kiran S (Nikko) recently discovered his love of musical theatre when he was cast as LeFou in North Allegheny’s inaugural middle school musical, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. He also plays piano and French horn and loves to play baseball. Kiran is excited to participate in THE WIZARD OF OZ as Nikko!

Connor T (Ensemble) is a 6th grader at Marshall Elementary.  Credits at KSMT include ROCK OF AGES, CRAZY FOR YOU, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and WE ARE MONSTERS.  He loves performing with KSMT!

Egan T (Ensemble) is in 2nd grade at Marshall Elementary.  He recently played the part of Joseph in his church's Christmas services. He has also been seen on stage in SHREK.  He loves hockey and Minecraft.  He is excited to perform with KSMT!

Hayden U (Witch) is 16 and attends Pine-Richland High School. She has been training at KSMT since 2013! Some of her favorite roles have included The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) and Miss Hannigan (Annie). She is so excited to be playing the villain in The Wizard of Oz.

Brendan W (Uncle Henry) is in 7th grade at Ingomar Middle and is excited to be in his first KSMT production!  Previous productions include BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (fishman) and an original middle school play THE GRACIOUS BAKERS (Thomas).  He enjoys singing, camping and playing volleyball.  

Emma Z (Ensemble) is so excited to perform in The Wizard of Oz! It is one of her favorite shows, as well as her 10th show with Keystone State Music Theater.  Emma would like to thank her instructors by saying, "There's no place like home - except for KSMT”! 

Madeline Z (Ensemble) is 10 years old and the WIZARD OF OZ is her first musical at KSMT.  Madeline’s favorite things are reading, art, and wolves.

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​​Performance Times:

     Saturday, May 19th at 2:30 & 7:00

     Sunday, May 20th at 2:30 & 6:00


     Cahouet Auditorium at 
     Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic HS  

    (1617 Route 228, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066)


​     This stage adaptation contains all your favorite

     characters and songs from the Oscar winning movie

     score, including “Over the Rainbow,” “We’re Off to

     See the Wizard (Follow the Yellow Brick Road),”

     and more.


Young Performers' Edition