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Elective Course Descriptions

Elective Course Descriptions

COMBO DANCE: Class time is devoted between tap and ballet. Dancers are introduced to technique, and musicality to help improve alignment, stamina, flexibility, grace, strength, and timing in a nurturing environment that will also teach social and class skills.

BALLET: As the foundation of many dance styles, KSMT offers serious ballet training that incorporates a fusion of French, Russian, Italian, and American styles and techniques. Proper French terminology and exposure to a variety of techniques help students improve posture, alignment, stamina, flexibility, grace, strength, and timing. Weekly barre-work, center-work, and across- the-floor exercises are set to a mix of classical and popular music.

TAP & ADULT TAP: This course focuses on the percussive footwork and upper body style that is often required in Musical Theater choreography. Dancers study tap history and terms and work to improve their technique, rhythm, speed, and musicality to create safe, consistent, clean sounds.

IMPROVISATION & SCENE STUDY: This course allows the actor to advance their abilities by learning the rules and techniques of improvisational performance and exploring scene analysis and directing. Students study the history, terminology, professional techniques/methods and also learn popular exercises and games created by the true pioneers of improv. ACTING IN SONG (1) AUDITION ROOM PREP: What to expect? What to sing? What to wear? With fun, interactive lectures and group exercises, students receive clarity on how to strengthen their singing auditions. Valuable “in the room” techniques, methods, and terms are taught by experienced instructors. Students practice finding, cutting, and marking their sheet music for an accompanist. ACTING IN SONG (2) PERFORMANCE TECHNIQUE: Through an in-depth breakdown of the Acting in Song techniques, methods, and terms that professional artists use for auditions and performances students will strengthen their storytelling skills and artistry. Time is split between practical and observational study with an emphasis on lyric and character connection. ACTING IN SONG (3) REPERTOIRE: Through short individual coaching sessions and mock auditions, students in this course work on refining their audition repertoire. Time is split between practical and observational study.

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