2018 Annual Appeal for
Brilliance in Musical Theater

in grateful recognition of recent donations
as of March 1st, 2018


Amazon Smile
Boris & Robert Angoff
Dawn Brahler
Deborah Bell
Chris & Shannon Buchanan
Nikki & Brandt Cappelloni
Stephanie & Fei-Fei Chen
Tawnya Curatola
Keith & Heather Dils
Shawn & Jessica Doremus
George & Sue Evans
Mike & Lianne Felice
Mark Gates
Donna Gismondi
Katie Gemperlein
Elizabeth & Greg Helsel
Mike & Mary Kuhar
Christine & Ken Martin
Jennifer Miller
Jim & Jane Miller
Chad Pociernicki
Kristin & Jason Robinson
Kelly & Chris Roithner
Edward Sarver
Lynn & Jon Saunders
Janine Saunders
Joseph Starc
Shirley & Steve Stuckert
Phil & Mia Swann
Holly & Brian Thyen
Zach & Shannon Wemple
Tom & Teri White
Nancy Wolfson
Pittsburgh Steelers

Aetna Foundation
Jeremiah & Leslie Bonda
Cecilia Dickson
Justin Griffith
Erin Hagan
AJ & Jamie Harper
Betsy & Richard Howe
Lynsey Johnson
Jim & Leslie Kefkakis
Jamie & Rebecca Mackenzie
Tracy Montarti
The Cast of Rock of Ages 
The Cast of School House Rock

Constellation, an Exelon company
Dr. Mark Marion
Lori & Keith Miller
Pop and Oma
Bridget & Jim Russell
Carol & Keith Unitas
The Cast of The Wizard of Oz

Supporter of the Arts

Rebekah & Tim Kcehowski 
Alison & Chris Saunders
Brian & Kathy White
Meredith & John Wolfe

Benefactor of the Arts
Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC

Champion of the Arts
Geoffrey & Melissa White
Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC

Champion of the Arts
Regional Learning Alliance

2018 Spotlight Gala Sponsors

Treasure Chest Sponsor
Jeremiah Bonda, D.M.D

Wine & Beer Sponsor
Jones Day

Coffee & Tea Sponsor


Keystone State Music Theater would like to thank Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC for their generosity at funding scholarships for underprivileged students. 

Keystone State Music Theater receives funding support through a grant from the Community Champions Grant, awarded by Constellation, an Exelon company.



As Our community Continues to be a highlight of the region, Keystone State Music Theater aims to be another gem alongside our other cherished institutions.

Tickets and tuition cover only a portion of funds needed to Support a world-class organization that mirrors our area's admired Family-focused schools, businesses, governments, parks, and other nonprofits.

Please consider making a donation to KSMT. Beyond the civic pride of supporting a nonprofit, there are many opportunities to sponsor a production or a free night of theater.

Find out more by downloading our Donor Letter.