As Our community Continues to be a highlight of the region, Keystone State Music Theater aims to be another gem alongside our other cherished institutions.

Tickets and tuition cover only a portion of funds needed to Support a world-class organization that mirrors our area's admired Family-focused schools, businesses, governments, parks, and other nonprofits.

Please consider making a donation to KSMT. Beyond the civic pride of supporting a nonprofit, there are many opportunities to sponsor a production or a free night of theater.

Find out more by downloading our Donor Letter.

2018 Annual Appeal for
Brilliance in Musical Theater

in grateful recognition of recent donations
as of March 1st, 2018


Amazon Smile
Boris & Robert Angoff
Dawn Brahler
Deborah Bell
Chris & Shannon Buchanan
Nikki & Brandt Cappelloni
Stephanie & Fei-Fei Chen
Tawnya Curatola
Keith & Heather Dils
Shawn & Jessica Doremus
George & Sue Evans
Mike & Lianne Felice
Mark Gates
Donna Gismondi
Katie Gemperlein
Elizabeth & Greg Helsel
Mike & Mary Kuhar
Christine & Ken Martin
Jennifer Miller
Jim & Jane Miller
Chad Pociernicki
Kristin & Jason Robinson
Kelly & Chris Roithner
Edward Sarver
Lynn & Jon Saunders
Janine Saunders
Joseph Starc
Shirley & Steve Stuckert
Phil & Mia Swann
Holly & Brian Thyen
Zach & Shannon Wemple
Tom & Teri White
Nancy Wolfson
Pittsburgh Steelers

Aetna Foundation
Jeremiah & Leslie Bonda
Cecilia Dickson
Justin Griffith
Erin Hagan
AJ & Jamie Harper
Betsy & Richard Howe
Lynsey Johnson
Jim & Leslie Kefkakis
Jamie & Rebecca Mackenzie
Tracy Montarti
The Cast of Rock of Ages 
The Cast of School House Rock

Constellation, an Exelon company
Dr. Mark Marion
Lori & Keith Miller
Pop and Oma
Bridget & Jim Russell
Carol & Keith Unitas
The Cast of The Wizard of Oz

Supporter of the Arts

Rebekah & Tim Kcehowski 
Alison & Chris Saunders
Brian & Kathy White
Meredith & John Wolfe

Benefactor of the Arts
Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC

Champion of the Arts
Geoffrey & Melissa White
Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC

Champion of the Arts
Regional Learning Alliance

2018 Spotlight Gala Sponsors

Treasure Chest Sponsor
Jeremiah Bonda, D.M.D

Wine & Beer Sponsor
Jones Day

Coffee & Tea Sponsor


Keystone State Music Theater would like to thank Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC for their generosity at funding scholarships for underprivileged students. 

Keystone State Music Theater receives funding support through a grant from the Community Champions Grant, awarded by Constellation, an Exelon company.