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Workshops & Electives

Workshops & Electives


GROWN-UP & ME: (for ages 2.5-3.5) During this 8 week session of classes, “Minis” spend time interacting, connecting, & learning with their grown-ups through a guided exploration of singing, movement, & imaginative play.

HEADSHOTS & RESUMES: (for ages 9-17) Make a strong first impression. In this 8 week educational & interactive workshop, performers learn do’s & don’ts of creating a standard musical theater resume & headshot. (includes a live photoshoot, plus 2 retouched digital headshots, & rights)

IMPROV GAMES & PRINCIPALS: (for ages 9-17) During this 8 week workshop, students will advance their acting abilities & knowledge through participating in popular & fun improvisational games & exercising the guiding principles that lead to greater success as stage performers. 


MY VERY FIRST DANCE CLASS: (for ages 3.5-5) Explore (or continue exploring) the world of dance! “Minis” learn introductory Ballet & Tap steps which they then get to proudly perform for a live audience, on a real stage, in costume! Twice! Get those cameras ready!

BALLET: (for ages 6-17)Students learn proper French terminology & techniques to improve posture, alignment, stamina, flexibility, grace, strength, & timing. Barre-work, center-work, and across-the-floor exercises are set to an engaging mix of classical, musical theater & mainstream music.

TAP & ADULT TAP: (for ages 6-17, & 18+) Students learn fun & rhythmically challenging tap skills & combinations that strengthen their coordination, balance, memorization, speed & musicality.

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