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Keystone State Music Theater Student Performance


How do I register and enroll my child?

All new registrations and enrollments happen via our Online Web Registration here. Current students can enroll via the Family Portal here.

Do you have programs for new, first-time students?

Yes! The Total Broadway Foundation Programs and Level 1 Electives are designed with both new and continuing students in mind. New students with prior training may also be considered for intermediate and advanced programs; please see below.

Do you have programs for new students with prior training?

New students possessing a formal musical theater and/or dance education, and who have acquired intermediate to advanced skills are welcome to submit a short demonstration video of their Ballet/Jazz, Voice, and Acting skills for consideration for the Total Broadway Pre-Conservatory or Conservatory or Level 2+ Electives. Contact for more information.

When does enrollment begin?

Enrollment for our September-May Academy year typically opens in early July. Summer enrollment typically opens in early March. Please add your name to our mailing list for more information.

What is my commitment? Am I committed for the whole year? How do I unenroll?

Families are only committed for the current month. Changes to enrollment are possible before the first of the month. Unless otherwise noted, there is no fee to unenroll. Contact the office via to officially change your enrollment.

When is tuition due?

Unless otherwise noted, first month tuition and the registration fee is charged upon registration. Monthly tuition is charged on the first of each month to the payment method on file.

Is there a free trial available?

We will be happy to talk on the phone or meet in person to find a program that meets you and your child’s goals. Typically our programs have waiting lists so it is not possible to accommodate trials. When you enroll at KSMT, unless otherwise noted, you are only committing to the current month of programs.

How many students will there be in each program?

Group sizes are based on the age, level, and the studio in which the class is being held. Generally, there are up to eight students in Early Learning Programs, twelve students in classes for 5-6 year olds, sixteen students in classes for students seven and older. For musical classes, there may be up to forty students per cast.

Which programs have performance opportunities?

All Total Broadway classes perform two numbers as part of our Winter and Spring Showcases (Minis and Combo Dance perform one). Students seven and older can also enroll in our Academy Musicals which perform each Fall and Spring. Students who enroll in Private Lessons also appear in our Spring Artist Showcase.

Where are your Academy programs located?

KSMT’s home base is located on the campus of the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) at 850 Cranberry Woods, Cranberry Township 16066 (minutes from PA-79 and PA-76).

Can new students participate in the Academy Musical? Are there any requirements? Do they need to audition?

Absolutely! New, continuing, experienced, inexperienced...all students are welcome to participate in the Academy musical. To enroll in the Academy Musical, students are required to enroll in either a Total Broadway program or three electives.

Do students need to audition to participate in the Academy Musical?

Yes, however, each registered musical student is guaranteed to be a part of the cast. Prior experience is not necessary. Audition material from the show is emailed to families approximately ten days prior to the audition.

Are costumes provided for the musical?

KSMT’s professional costume designer provides all costumes, except shoes & undergarments.

How much do Musical / Showcase tickets cost?

Musical and Winter & Spring Showcase tickets range from $14-$20. Artist Showcase tickets range from $7-$10.

 How many guests can each student invite to the Musical / Showcase performances?

Students may invite up to six guests per performance. Typically, additional tickets are available for students who wish to have more than six guests. 

Who is eligible to take Private Lessons? How are they scheduled?

Private Lessons are open to new and continuing academy students ages 9-18 who are enrolled in either a Total Broadway program or three electives. Add your name to our Private Lesson Interest List via the online web registration (or the Family Portal for continuing students). Families on the interest list will receive scheduling information in mid-August. Tuition charges will not apply until the student is officially scheduled.

What should my child bring to class?

Two weeks prior to the start of each program, all registered families will receive a Welcome Packet with helpful information detailing KSMT’s dress code and the class materials needed. Typical materials include: all black colored dance/athletic wear, dance shoes, 1” binder, folder, notebook, pencils, water bottle, and peanut-free snack if the class has a snack break. A voice recorder for learning music is highly encouraged for students ages seven and older.

What hidden fees are there?

None! Beyond the registration fee and monthly tuition, there are no other required costs unless notated during enrollment. KSMT offers optional merchandise, photo packages, show t-shirts, and DVD’s. Ticket purchases are not required (but we hope to see you at your student’s performances!) There are no costume fees unless noted during enrollment (Typically TB Minis, Total Broadway Ages 4.5-6, and Combo Dance have a $95 costume fee.) Families should expect to acquire necessary dress code for programs, including shoes, as well as undergarments for the musical.

Can I drop my child off early / pick them up late?

Early arrivals are asked to please wait in their cars until five minutes prior to the program’s start time. Students should line up no earlier than five minutes prior to class. Drivers will need to arrive promptly at the program's scheduled end time to avoid a late pick-up fee. This helps our instructors to remain on schedule for their next class.

Do you have the facilities and expertise to work with my child who has special needs?

Possibly, please contact our office for more information.

Are COVID Health & Safety Protocols in place?

During times when our area is designated at low community spread these protocols are lifted. If our area re-enters a moderate or high level of community spread, our masking and physically distancing policies may be reinstated.

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